Bidaymi Orphanage and Charity Foundation | About Us
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Bidaymi Orphanage and Charity foundation is a non-profit organization that brings life-changing care to orphaned and vulnerable children around the world. We are five in one organization, we are into orphanage, charity, health, music and fitness.

Bidaymi Orphanage and Charity Foundation


BOCF is dedicated in creating create a great awareness on prevailing health problems around the world, to give the orphans, poor and less privilege a sense of belonging and promote creativity among our youths


At Bidaymi, we believed that one day, every orphans will be remembered and, that youth will be in places of power in various capacity and also our dream of social justice and equity will be achieved


Our motivation is simply from the wording of Maya Angelou which says” if you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude. Don’t complain” that’s why we are following this legacy and making the change we want in the world.


Orphanage and Charity

We provide shelter, succor, clothing, emotional care and hope for a better future for the motherless, abandoned, underprivileged and the poorest of the poor children in our society

Health and Fitness

We provide first class information on how to stay fit and how to keep healthy in our everyday lives


Whatever music you are interested in, we offers a great range of tracks from gospel to secular music both foreign and local


Bidaymi Orphanage and Charity Foundation

There are many orphans in the world right now that really need our help, most of them aren’t born as an orphan, they became orphans by circumstances; circumstances like
1. Their parent died because of a deadly disease like (Ebola, hiv/aids etc.).
2. Their parents died in the war because of political instability or racism.
3. And lots more.
I read history that happened in the 18th and 19th century, were poor, innocent and harmless children are murdered unjustly without any course, these cruel and crazy war lords will go extra mind by turning the dead bodies of the dead children into road were the cars that carry their supply will pass to their headquarters. I was scrolling through the web someday and I saw some horrible pictures of how children were murdered mercilessly, I couldn’t sleep for weeks because I couldn’t take away the picture from my mind. I started imagining the poor look of the eyes of these children, and how these poor children beg for their lives but was still murdered brutally, right then, I started crying and I pray for souls to rest in peace.

As of now, there are war and conflict in some countries all over the world, during these wars, children are dying and more orphans are being born. Can any you ever imagine the looks in the face of these orphans when they lost their parent and how shocked they were?
In the past, I do wonder how these children survive after the shock of their parents’ death, but now, I know the reason why they stay alive, and these wonderful orphans stay alive because they believe there is still hope for them.

We are the hope for these orphans, me and you no one is excluded, we are the one that is keeping these orphans alive till now therefore, don’t let us fail these orphans that has great believe and faith in us, it not about their race or tribe and it doesn’t matter if they are American, African, Caucasian etc. because their tribe doesn’t count anymore and also because they share a common and random name, and these name should be ringing in the heart of everyone like the gospel, they are called ORPHANS .
I will like to thank the UNICEF, WHO, UNESCO, RED CROSS and other NGO’s that are helping these orphans with their needs, but I will like to tell everyone that all these NGO’S can’t do the work alone, there are millions of orphans out their that needs your help.

I urge no one to give excuse especially people working for in offices, find a time to donate for these children. I will want all of us to step in the shoes of Mother Theresa
And I also want us to always remember this wonderful fact that say “do not underestimate a child, because you don’t what the child can be in future, it is not about the tribe, it is about the potentials they got inside them”.

Join our volunteer? Lets make the world a better place for orphans and homeless children