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Jungle Justice

I want to talk about this topic, which is really trending in the world these days especially in African countries. It’s quite alarming and wrong to put justice to our hands, but people enjoy doing it, some will even say “the system is corrupt and there is no justice anywhere” well they might actually be right by saying the system is corrupt but saying there is no justice anywhere is very wrong. I won’t deny the fact that some law enforcement agents are undeniably corrupt, but that doesn’t mean they are all corrupt, we still have good law officers in our community today, why don’t we give them a trial before criticizing them.

The funny thing about jungle justice is that the poor are the affected personality here, you can hardly find a rich person been a victim of jungle justice. Most victims of jungle justice are less privilege that really need help but don’t know who to turn to, than to break the law, don’t get it tangled; I’m not supporting law breaking.

Some victims of jungle justice commits offences that are very minor and bail able if apprehended, which will give them a second chance to repent and change their way but are deprived of this opportunity. How I wish jungle justice are done against those greedy politicians out there, they steal our money with their pen yet no one is running after them, but a 11 yrs old boy that steals a biro will be burn to aches as a result of jungle justice.

Recently Xenophobia attack has infested South Africa like an epidemic disease and it has spread widely across the country, lot’s of black foreigner from neighboring African countries have been unjustly massacred without any tangible reason. I don’t really know the cause of the xenophobia attack, but I believe it’s illegal to murder a fellow human being under the pretence of protest, it’s punishable under the international law, I pray South Africa government apprehend all the perpetrator of this evil act and bring them to justice.

This has to stop, enough of killing ourselves, let’s leave justice to the law enforcement agency, let’s give ourselves a second chance of repentance, let’s forgive each other and put things behind us.

Let’s join forces and face our common enemy that has made us commit crimes that make us a victim to jungle justice, let’s face those bastards that put us to hardship when there is surplus, let’s face those swines that made life unbearable for us all, rather than killing each other as a result of jungle justice. Let’s all play by the law today and fight our war legally.

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