Bidaymi Orphanage and Charity Foundation | EFFECT OF ‘YAHOO BOYS’ IN NIGERIA EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM
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This write-up has several objectives; we intend to get the people, community and the government aware of the damage and negative effect of YAHOO on Nigeria educational system.

Our main objectives are as follows:

  1. To create awareness to people, parent, community members and every member of our country [Nigeria] on the negative effect of YAHOO on our educational system.
  2. To make our youth and young teenagers use their talent, creativity, and intelligence on positive things and not YAHOO.
  3. To appeal with the people in power [governments] to help us find a way to eradicate this problem of ours on youth education specifically.
  4. To know what the government have in plan for Nigeria youth and teenagers on our academics system.



YAHOO have several meanings as it name implies:

YAHOO- A rude, noisy or violent person.

YAHOO- Can also be expressing great joy or excitement.

YAHOO -Is also a web service provider headquartered in Sunnyvale, California and owned by Verizon media.

But the YAHOO we are trying to talk about is the latest and trending job that is common among our Nigeria youth. This is what most of us engage ourselves into presently. I use to define this as a way of stealing by tactic from the white men; they even name themselves and call themselves names like G.BOYS and the likes.



Due to researches and things we see around us and our environment on a daily basis we see that more than 80% Nigeria male youth has been influenced by this yahoo job. They believe they can use there brain to access their needs and that makes them this words [owo opo lannaa] i.e. they are spending the money they acquire by using there brain and [esan awon baba nla wa langba lara won] i.e. they are taking revenge of what the whites has done to our forefathers in the past, which is a very bad mentality to have at this young age.

If we see to this situation we will see that our educational status and background is becoming out of hand, student of the past are much more good than we of nowadays which is not suppose to be so the older ones are now effective than the younger ones which is very bad ,we  have so much privilege, freedom and so much social instrument that help us in learning, that the older ones do not have privilege to use so with this I think we should be the ones on top and be effective than never before but it isn’t happening, because of the thing we engage ourselves in, this YAHOO job cannot be done by a dullard 100% of the people that do this job are highly intelligent that why I think we can use this intelligence for other things rather than use4 it on this yahooing of a thing.

Researches has make use to discover  that our educational system is not functioning appropriately any longer and is literarily  because of the things we engage our self to and spend our precious time on when student gain admission into universities in Nigeria this days they believe they have arrive  and what is next for them is to involve there self in yahooing ,they start diverting there attention away from learning and focus it on yahoo that is where the Nigeria educational system begins to be affected. The most intelligent one’s in school are mostly the ones we find doing this job now, the knowledge they are supposed to use to build there self and their country and make their name be heard all over the world has been wasted on yahoo. Some even quit schooling for yahoo, they quit schooling not because they are dullards but because they believe they can not meet up with good thing of life, our Nigeria economy has made most of us this way because of lack of so many things we shouldn’t be lacking. There is no good job opportunity after several years in school and even if  any  is available they ask us for year’s of experience , are we not meant to work before having experience ? do we not want the newly graduate to get good jobs also ? all this are the things the  Nigeria youth are facing and that is making us focus on other things rather than studying.

With this write up we are not criticising our Nigeria youth but appealing with the people in power and making everyone open to the major problem that is affecting our educational system. the government should please see to this problem and help us find a way out so as for every member of this country to be proud of being a Nigerian despite anywhere we may find ourselves to be.



YAHOO changes the mind set of youths totally both emotionally and psychologically, their way of thinking is wierd because of other things they involve with along with yahoo. they start to smoke, drink, and use hard drugs in believe that it helps them to reason faster and most times this yahoo takes away individual creativity. i.e. the things they use to be good at before they begin to lack behind it will make them not to do other skills acquired perfectly as they have always been before.



We can revive our educational status and help our youth out through the following:

  1. Through mothers of child bearing age.
  2. Through the people in power [government].



The mother should help raise children in a good and manner  way while growing up and make them know they have certain goals they have to pursue , they should help encourage their children in a good way and help them with a solid mind set. Make them know that they should never change their originality for the sake of their environment because no one can ever play their role better than hey will.


The government can also help in reviving the educational system and the youth by changing their mind set about Nigeria economy system

  1. By creating good job opportunity for the newly graduate and other without job.
  2. Our community should be well guided with laws.
  3. The government should make use of honest and diligent people to tackle this issue of yahoo not people who will encourage them more by taking bribe from them or take them to the ATM stand to withdraw the money in their account for them.
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